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Don’t Spy EU – end of campaign

Final statement by Hermes Center, The Good Lobby and info.nodes

While Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, along with fellow partners The Good Lobby and info.nodes, are happy to learn that the European Parliament, Commission and Council have finally reached an agreement on the AI Act, they believe that some important aspects still need to be properly tackled by the legislation.

The deal was reached on December 8 in Brussels, after 36 hours of negotiations (trilogues). Some EU politicians and mediators who took part in the negotiations of the AI Act – the very first law aimed at regulating AI at the continental level – have stated that there is nothing to be worried about: the law will ensure fundamental rights are protected from the potential harms of artificial intelligence.

However, judging by the outcome of this last trilogue, it does not appear to be this way. Here’s a few bureaucratic loopholes that EDRi (European Digital Rights network) have enlisted , that could pose a major threat to human rights of EU (and non-EU) citizens:

While it is true that a deal has been reached, the AI Act’s text is yet to be finalized. That means we can still push for a drafting that is compliant with democratic principles and values.

We, as civil society nonprofit organizations, will continue to fight for digital rights (including the right to privacy and transparency), against mass-surveillance, discrimination and manipulation/abuse of AI technology. The future does not look too grim, after all.

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